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Whether you are looking to subdivide your back yard for family reasons or looking to purchase an investment property to split into ten lots the process for subdivision is the same.

To find out if your property is able to be subdivided use the feasibility report to the right.

The process of subdivision is generally as follows:

  1. Complete the Site Survey to establish what is there now and any planning or engineering issues that may arise.
  2. Design the subdivision layout and prepare a Resource Consent Application to the relevant Council.  This may require additional consultants reports depending on the issues discovered in the site survey and in the preparation of the application.
  3. Lodge the application with Council. We will also liaise with the Council during processing in order to respond promptly to any additional issues raised.
  4. If Council approves the application, they will impose conditions on the consent which must be complied with. These will typically be:
    4.1 Engineering conditions (construction of drainage, drives, etc.)
    4.2 Survey conditions (Easements, and legal plans)
    4.3 Certification and inspection conditions (proving to Council that things have been done as required).
    4.4 Financial contributions.
  5. Engineering plans or building consent plans may need to be prepared and approved by Council before any construction work is started.
  6. Complete construction.
  7. Complete the legal survey work.
  8. Lodge the survey plans with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).
  9. Apply for a completion certificate from council when all conditions of the Resource Consent have been met.
  10. Your solicitor will then apply for titles.