What is the Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in Part?

This is the “rule-book” for Aucklands future development and replaces many old plans and strategies. The Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in Part simplifies the 99 residential zones across the seven District Councils (Rodney, North Shore, Waitakere, Auckland City, Manukau City, Papakura and Franklin) into a consistent set of zones over the full Auckland Council area.

These include 6 residential zones and a number of rural, business, open space and special purpose zones.

The 6 residential zones are:

  • Single House
  • Mixed Housing Suburban
  • Mixed housing Urban
  • Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings
  • Large Lot
  • Rural and Coastal Settlement

The Auckland Unitary Plan sets out a set of expectations and standards to regulate what people can and cannot do with their land. As a property owner, investor or developer, you need to review the details of the Auckland Unitary Plan as they apply to your property to understand its effects on your property specifically or your area in general.

Please follow the link to read the Auckland Unitary Plan – Operative in Part 15th November 2016.

The zone and other relevant details of the property you are investigating is able to be found by entering the address into the Auckland Unitary Plan Geomaps link below.

If you would like Boundary Consultants to help you find out more about how the Auckland Unitary Plan affects your property.