Boundary Consultants are experienced in land development and have worked successfully as part of land development teams. Boundary Consultants focus is on developing a good working relationship with the client and other professionals as communication is the key to a project flowing smoothly.


Whether you are looking to subdivide your back yard for family reasons or looking to purchase an investment property to split into ten lots the process for subdivision is the same. Boundary Consultants have years of experience doing both small jobs and large multiple site subdivisions.

Project Managementproject management

Boundary Consultants provides project management services to coordinate the various parties and ensure the work is carried out to the appropriate standard and to the agreed budget. We have years of experience and a dedicated team that will see your project completed from start to finish.

Resource Management resource management

Whether or not a Resource Consent is required depends on the type of activity planned and the rules set out in the relevant District/Regional plans. Because District and Regional plans restrict the type of activities that can be carried out, permission must be obtained. Boundary Consultants have detailed experience with Resource Management and will help you cut through the red tape, to get your project approved as soon as possible.

Engineering Surveys

With things often being designed to the limits of what is permitted these days, it pays to make sure things are constructed in the right place and at the right level. Getting a Licensed Surveyor to set out the works is a good way to ensure this happens.