The company was founded in 1991 by Doug Ringham, originally trading under his name until 2001 when it was renamed Ringham Surveyors Ltd. In August 2005, the company was bought by the current directors, Philip & Catherine Gillies and then in December 2006 the company name was changed to its current name Boundary Consultants Ltd.

Since 2005, Boundary Consultants Limited progressively upgraded the survey and office equipment to be more efficient and versatile to the way projects are handled.

In April 2008 Boundary Consultants Ltd bought Smirk Easton Ltd formerly M G Easton & Partners.

The company has grown in size and currently has 9 full-time staff and 2 part time staff. See “Our Team” on the website for details. All our staff are kept up to date with the multitude of changes happening within the industry. Our office software is constantly updated for ease of use as well as to enhance customer satisfaction. Boundary Consultants runs three fully fitted, modern field vehicles, which all have equipment upgrades when necessary.

In February 2018 Boundary Consultants Ltd bought Eagleson Kennaway Surveyors, upon Don Eagleson’s decision to retire. Eagleson Kennaway is a North Shore based surveying company with many years experience. Boundary Consultants are retaining all Eagleson Kennaway current clients and workload to ensure there is as little impact on their clients as possible.

Staff Photo July 2019