Philip Gillies (NZCLS, BSurv, BD)

Managing Director, Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Philip oversees the day-to-day operation of the company and holds a licence from the NZ Cadastral Survey Board to certify survey plans. Philip has more than 20 years experience as a surveyor, initially working in Northland then Rodney before taking on his current role. He is a member of both of the national professional bodies for surveyors, the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors and the Institute of Cadastral Surveyors of NZ. In addition, he is qualified as a Registered Professional Surveyor.

Philip is married to Cathy and has four children. He is also involved in several community organisations, including Lincoln Road Bible Chapel.

Planning Team


Kim Garner (MCom)

Resource Consent Coordinator

Kim has an extensive background working in local government and consultancy in the transport modelling field. She joined Boundary Consultants Ltd in January 2008.

Kim is responsible for the preparation of resource consent applications. She liaises with surveyors within the organisation, clients, Council officers, contractors and other professionals to coordinate the lodging and processing of these applications. In addition Kim is involved in ensuring that consents, once granted, get through the remainder of the resource management process to completion.


Khiro Mani  (B.Urb Plan) (Hons)

Resource Consent Planner

Khiro is a recent graduate who has just earned her Bachelor of Urban Planning (Hons) from the University of Auckland. She worked at Boundary Consultants during her studies, assisting staff with the preparation of resource consents and inquiries. Khiro has continued working at Boundary Consultants after graduating where she is offered the opportunity to continue to gain insightful knowledge and experience in regards to the real world application of her studies from Auckland University. She enjoys working with various clients, and feels very fortunate to learn from her colleges, who are always willing to guide her.

In her spare time, Khiro loves to take the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. She enjoys traveling, reading and working on jigsaw puzzles.

Sarah 2019

Sarah Hart (BPlan (Hons), MNZPI)

Resource Consent Planner (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Sarah has more than 10 years experience in the New Zealand and Australian planning industry and has worked for both consultancies and local authorities within this capacity. Most recently she has been at home caring for her two daughters and joined Boundary Consultants on a part-time basis in February 2019.

By way of background, Sarah has prepared and processed land use and subdivision consent applications for a variety of clients and local authorities and has acted as the lead planner on a number of multi-disciplinary projects throughout New Zealand. Sarah’s track record has most recently been in infrastructure and transport projects, however her passion lies within her experience in urban development planning.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her young family, reading and enjoying the outdoors.

Surveying Team


Qing (Luke) Shi 史青 (Bsurv, Msurv)

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor (Speaks Fluent Chinese)

With 5 years surveying experience in China, Luke joined Boundary Consultants in May, 2016. He has both a Bachelor and Master’s degree in surveying, and rich experience in topographical surveying, engineering surveying, deformation monitoring and staking out. He was involved in many surveying projects when he was in China, namely Tianjin metro line 5 monitoring project, Lulugang Industrial Zone topographical surveying, subsidence monitoring of Xiqing district of Tianjin, etc. Since moving to New Zealand Luke has continued to gain skills and is a fully qualified Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.


Bryan Toki (NDS)

Senior Survey Technician

Bryan has been in the Surveying industry since 2005. Starting with M G Easton & Partners in New Lynn as a chainman, he progressed on to become a survey technician. When the M G Easton was bought by Smirk Easton Ltd in 2004 he remained with the company for about 18 months before doing a short stint with Engineering Surveying Contracting Ltd (ESCON), where he gained knowledge in drainage, roads & earthworks, including spending 3 months at the Johnstones’ Hill Twin Tunnel Project.

Bryan then moved back to Smirk Easton Ltd before moving across to Boundary Consultants Ltd in April 2008 when Boundary Consultants bought Smirk Easton.

Bryan is responsible for Land Transfer, Topographical, Building Setout and As-Built surveys as well as most things on Landonline.


Tim Holo (NDS)

Senior Survey Technician

With over 13 years experience in NZ and 2 years experience in Niue, Tim has proven expertise across the land surveying spectrum. In addition, Tim has a National Diploma in Land Surveying and is experienced with the latest equipment and software.

Support Staff


Aileen Snell

Office Administrator

Aileen has worked in the Surveying industry since 2000 as an Administrator. She started with M G Easton & Partners. When M G Easton was bought by Smirk Easton Ltd in 2003, she remained with the company.

Aileen then moved across to Boundary Consultants Ltd in April 2008 when Boundary Consultants took over Smirk Easton.

Aileen is responsible for office administration tasks and the preparation of estimates. She liaises with clients, Councils and staff within the organisation.


Jennifer Woods

Project Administrator

Jennifer is responsible for Managing Projects from the issue of Resource Consent through the construction stage to the issue of completion certificates from Council.  Jennifer liaises with surveyors within the organisation, clients, Council officers, contractors and other professionals to coordinate the process to completion.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys a range of outdoor activities including running, photography and tramping.


Elise McClennan

Credit Controller

Elise works part time as a Credit Controller. Her responsibilities include recovering money of unpaid invoices from clients, investigate and resolve invoicing issues to allow for prompt payment, arrange payment plans if necessary and build relationships with regular clients.

Elise is married with 2 girls with a large focus on Playcentre and works all this around her families dancing commitments including being the chairperson for Dance Directors NZ.