Uncertainty. We all deal with it, and for those of us whose cups are ‘half empty’, our minds easily begin to fill with worry. How our business’ finances are going to look next month. Our parents’ health. The future of our children.etc. etc.
Subdividing property whether 2 lots or 70, is just another source of uncertainty. Some of you are only ever going to do this once in your lifetime, while for others, it may be your first time in Auckland or the largest project you’ve worked on so far.
Without giving you all the psycho-therapeutic mumbo jumbo, we thought we would give a few basics on managing the subdivision uncertainty in your life:

1. Get friendly with your neighbours.
Your neighbours are your best friends in the subdivision process. You will likely need their sign-off for drainage and services work conducted on their property or for approval relating to infringements that affect them. Failure to do this can lead to greater cost and delay.

2. Accept there will be issues before they arrive! 
Allow for common issues such as drainage, shared access ways with neighbour/(s), or flood issues, geotechnical problems and soil contamination to arise.
Our surveyor can advise you on how long it is likely to take BEFORE YOU START. Contact us for a free consultation.

3. Remember that timing is everything.
In particular note that:
You should not sell your land too far in advance before you acquire the title for it. While ideally all will go to plan, it can pile on the pressure when delays arise and you already have a buyer signed up!
Remember that Resource Consents last for a maximum of 5 years

4. Make sure you have the money. 
It is probably going to cost more than you think. So make sure you ask us how much it’s going to cost along the way. We are more than happy to create an itemised cost list of approximate costs for you, to help in your consideration.