Boundary Pegs: Ensuring Clear Boundaries for Your Property

At Boundary Consultants, we understand the importance of clearly defined property boundaries. Our boundary pegs service is designed to provide accurate and reliable marking solutions, ensuring that you know exactly where your property lines lie. Benefits of Clear Boundaries Avoid Disputes: Clearly marked boundaries help prevent disputes with neighbors over property lines. Planning: Accurate boundaries…

A Step by Step Guide to Updating your Cross Lease Title

Stages of a Cross Lease Flats Plan Update Process This is a step-by-step guide to updating your cross-lease title. A cross-lease title becomes defective when the footprint of the building changes. There are two ways to rectify this. Updating your title is described here. For information about changing to freehold title, please see our page…

Portable cabin new housing options

What could Covid-19 mean for housing?

Covid-19 has resulted in many changes to our lives and much uncertainty for the future. For those considering subdividing and/or developing this can be a cause of anxiety. Here at Boundary Consultants we work closely with our clients and draw on our experience and the latest industry developments to provide the best advice possible. So…

How to get a Resource Consent for Subdivision

A subdivision always requires a resource consent to be obtained from Council. Along with the Subdivision Consent most properties will also require a Land Use Consent. While each site will have specific requirements that may need specific answers, for most sites the following indicates the general stages in obtaining a Resource Consent for subdivision. 1.…

Boundary Consultant Topographic Plan

Topographical surveys vs Legal Redefinition surveys!

What is the difference between a Topographic survey and a Legal Redefinition survey? Topographic Survey A Topographic survey (otherwise known as a topo survey or site survey) measures the features on the land in three dimensions, which enables a contour model to be created and hence the topography of the land to be modeled. Boundary…

Zoning overlay

Things to consider before you subdivide!

Whether you are considering subdividing your own property or looking to purchase in order to develop, there are key points to consider before you start. 1. The site At a most basic level when you consider any site for subdivision there must be healthy, stable and flood free building sites which can be accessed and…

Grasping the The Auckland Unitary Plan

As you may know, the unified Auckland Council is undergoing a process of introducing a new planning document, which will guide the growth of the Auckland region over the next 30 years. The plan will regulate all of the activities which are currently controlled by district, regional and coastal plans. Since the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan…

Resolving Subdivision Uncertainties

Uncertainty. We all deal with it, and for those of us whose cups are ‘half empty’, our minds easily begin to fill worry. How our business’ finances are going to look next month. Our parents health. The future of our children.etc. etc.
Subdividing property whether 2 lots or 70 is just another source of uncertainty.

Silverdale: A Hotbed of Growth

Over the past few years, Silverdale and the surrounding areas have become a hotbed for development. As part of our series to help you get to know about us and our work, we’ve interviewed Chris McKean, Silverdale Office Manager, about what it’s like to work there, and what we’ve been up to.

Subdivisions: Cutting through Red Tape

Subdividing your property can be onerous. In fact, the entire process can take 18 months! And that’s just the subdivision. The biggest bottleneck? Meeting Auckland Council requirements. Subdividing means applying for Resource Consent, LINZ approval and potentially needing to fulfill Section 88, Section 92, Section 357/133A, Section 223 AND Section 224c requests. I think you get the idea.