Simpson Road – 32 lot Subdivision

The Simpson Road Subdivision project was a large 32 Lot development on a declining large paddocked area. Boundary Consultants was involved from the beginning of the construction phrase through to obtaining Council sign-offs. Boundary was the surveyor for the project and the work included set out of Construction, As-builts of Drainage, Water Supply and Roading…

Massey – Unit Title

A resource consent, was granted by Council on 9 Oct 2006 for a 42 unit Medium Density Housing Development at Triangle Road. The 42 units are a mixture of 4 different designs built over 2 to 3 levels. Building Consents  have been granted for the 42 units. This site is located on the western side of Triangle Road,…

Birkdale – Ten Lot Development

The Abbeygate project was a difficult 10 Lot development on a steep bush clad site. Boundary Consultants was involved from the construction stage through to obtaining Council sign-offs and the issue of titles. Boundary Consultants also obtained additional land use consents for Building Height infringements. This development was a Unit Title development and we assisted…

Glenfield – Two Lot Subdivision

Boundary Consultants have been involved in many small 2-3 lot subdivisions all over the city and this Glenfield Road development is just another example. This is a typical two lot subdivision. Resource consent was obtained in 2012 and in late 2013 the client started construction and Boundary Consultants have been involved throughout the whole process

Te Atatu South – Two Lot Subdivision

Boundary Consultants partnered with the client throughout the process of this 2-lot subdivision,  conducting a topographical survey of the grounds, applying for resource consent and land transfer approval. This job took roughly 1 year and 3 months from signing to finish, including neighbour consents and approval through both Auckland Council and Land Information New Zealand.

Resolving Subdivision Uncertainties

Uncertainty. We all deal with it, and for those of us whose cups are ‘half empty’, our minds easily begin to fill worry. How our business’ finances are going to look next month. Our parents health. The future of our children.etc. etc.
Subdividing property whether 2 lots or 70 is just another source of uncertainty.