When dealing with land and buildings things can get confusing if you don’t have the right knowledge. The Resource Consent process alone can be bewildering.  Licensed Cadastral Surveyors are the experts when it come to issues with land, boundaries and titles. Boundary Consultants have been operating in Auckland for over 50 years and have a wealth of experience which is available for you to draw on.

Locating Boundary Pegs

If you are wanting to fence or build near boundaries we strongly recommend you get the boundaries checked by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. When in doubt get the pegs checked.

Buildings and Additions

Buildings and extensions have potential danger which can be avoided with the right site survey, height in relation to boundary calculations and building set out.

Resource Consents

Dealing with Council to get a Resource Consent can be a mission. Boundary Consultants are experienced in the Resource Consent process for Land Use Consents and Subdivision Consents. Contact us to talk about your site.

Project Management

A well managed project runs smoothly from start to final sign off. Boundary Consultants has an experienced project manager in house to look after your project. Sometimes a project’s full complexity does not become apparent until half way through. If your project has stalled please contact us and we can assist you.