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Subdividing your property can be onerous. In fact, the entire process can take 18 months! And that’s just the subdivision. The biggest bottleneck? Meeting Auckland Council requirements. Subdividing means applying for Resource Consent, LINZ approval and potentially needing to fulfill Section 88, Section 92, Section 357/133A, Section 223 AND Section 224c requests. I think you get the idea.

While regulations may be important for Auckland’s future development, the process can be tricky for property owners and developers – a difficulty that only increases with the uncertainty associated with the proposed Auckland Council Unitary Plan.

Recently, one client was shocked upon discovering the large number of requirements endowed by the Council. His response? To request that we submit the minimum amount of work and hope for the best.

Does this work? Can it? YES, this CAN work. However, the reality is that you have a very limited ability to cut through red tape. Clients who try often find the process taking longer while hitting the belt just as much financially. As the old saying goes – TIME IS MONEY and in some cases, unneeded stress and frustration.

Looking for a smooth ride through the regulatory maze? Then our advice, based on our experience over 23 years, is to DO IT ONCE, AND DO IT RIGHT. Pull out all stops to comply with as many rules as possible. Whether you are a home owner selling off your back section, or a developer needing to offload properties before mortgage interest erodes your profit, doing it right will save you time, stress, and money.